Role: Motion Lead, Art Direction
Client: Adidas Football ​​​​​​​(UK)
Agency: TMS Europe
D&AD Winner
Wood Pencil / Branded Content & Entertainment / User Generated / 2018
Creating with the creators 
Glitch isn’t available on the high street, only via the app.
We invited adidas football creators to help us co-create a new Glitch experience. But when we got them in a room together, something unexpected happened… they couldn’t agree. Each creator had a different perspective with their own take on footballing style, tekkers and attitude. There were plenty of creative differences, but no right or wrong. Just nine creators, creating. So, we went along with it and shaped an entire campaign around a three-way philosophical split which came to life through three self-named cliques: Focus, Riiisk and The Pack.
We co-wrote, co-shot and co-designed the content, including a unique visual identity for each clique. We gave the creators the keys to the adidas marketing machine and allowed them to go social, recruiting peers to join their cliques and attend an exclusive face-off event.