Retail Launch / Experiential
A shifted reality football roller coaster.
A world-first touring football experience created for the launch of Adidas Team Mode 2018.
Mounted on an expandable truck, the Adidas Puke Cube was a 6-sided cube of screens with directional sound to immerse our audience in the story behind the 4 new football boots released.
Role: Art director, Motion Lead, Music
Client: Adidas 
Agency: The Marketing Store
Build: White Light
Sound Design: Remarkable Projects
360° Render
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The render below is a 360° video of the entire Puke Cube experience as consumers seen it in the truck. To experience as close as the reality I do recommend using some VR goggles or headset with and headphones. If you can't, swipe and look around.
Inside footage
The footage below was a WIP render filmed inside the Cube during the build. 
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